Return from Flodden

Flodden Flag to be carried round the Borders



5-8 September 2013


This is to alert the Coldstream and District general public of this event and in particular the parts relating to Duns and Coldstream.


Thursday 5th September 8:00 hours

Flodden 1513 Club members and the Reverend David Taverner of Coldstream Parish Church will attend the Branxton Memorial at around 7:30 hours awaiting the arrival of 7 horse riders from Kelso. The Reverend will bless the occasion and a specially-commissioned Flodden flag whereupon a proclamation will be read out the Kelso riders by the 1513 Club chairman and they will leave on their return journey to Kelso at 8:00 hours carrying the flag. Members of the public are invited to attend this part of the event but are advised to be at the memorial for 7:30 hours


Through 5th September to Sunday 8th September

The flag will be carried back to the following towns (on a relay basis) during this period, imitating the return of survivors of the Battle of Flodden in 1513. Kelso – Jedburgh – Hawick – Galashiels – Melrose – Lauder – Duns – Coldstream. The flag remains, on its journey, in the safe-keeping of Jedburgh, Hawick and Lauder on the nights of the 5th, 6th and 7th respectively. Further specific details of each leg are in the local press.


Sunday 8th September

The final leg commences at Duns (Duns riders arrive with the flag in their Market Square shortly after 13:30 hours) when at 14:00 hours Coldstream riders Raymond Brydon, Godfrey Bryson, Harry Brydon, Willie Johnson, Hamish Brown, Grant Campbell and Burnett Smith will leave Duns and proceed to Coldstream with the flag, via Swinton KIrk at 15:30 hours arriving at Coldstream Police Station at 17:00 hours.


Pipe Band, Flodden 1513 Club Members, Club Standard Bearer Ged Deane march to Tweed Green via High Street, Newcastle Arms Hotel and Abbey Road. Open-air church service at 17:30 hours by Reverend Taverner, dedication of Flodden flag and thank you messages from the Flodden 1513 Club chairman.  


19:30 for 20:00 Hours – ‘Soddin Flodden’ entertainment in St.Cuthbert’s Centre. Stovies at the interval. Tickets £10 each from Clark’s the Newsagents. Bar.


(5-8 September 2013)



Monday 4th March 2013 at 7:30pm.




  1. 1.    Welcome and Apologies for Absence


James Bell welcomed the following people to the meeting;-

  • Harry Brydon, Flodden 1513 Club
  • Gerald Tait, Flodden 1513 Club
  • George Miller OBE, Flodden 1513 Club
  • Rory Stewart, Jedburgh
  • Keith Riddell, Selkirk
  • John Beveridge, Selkirk
  • David Houston, Galashiels
  • Ewan Wylie, Galashiels
  • Lawrence Marshall, Hawick
  • Eric Paxton, Kelso
  • Neil Hastie, Kelso
  • John Mabon, Jedburgh
  • David Crawford, Melrose
  • Scott Forbes, Kelso
  • Ronald Drummond, Duns
  • Ian Aitchson, Duns
  • Bruce Millar, Duns
  • Stan Gryczka, Lauder
  • Jock Threadgall, Lauder
  • Steven Turnbull, Hawick
  • James Marjoribanks, Melrose


Apologies for absence were received from Philip Murray (Hawick) and Ian Fallas (Lauder).


  1. Minute of Previous Meeting 26th November 2012


These were approved as a true record, on the proposal of George Miller and seconded by Lawrence Marshall. Any matters arising had been included in the agenda items.


  1. 3.    The Route and Timing


Each town was asked to outline their local arrangements and timing for the event and the following was noted and agreed:-


Thursday 5th September


  • Coldstream officials would deliver the flag to the Flodden monument at Branxton before 8am and read out the proclamation to the Kelso horse riders
  • Kelso horse riders leave for Kelso with flag shortly after 8am.
  • Kelso horse riders arrive in Kelso Square for noon
  • At 12:30 hours Jedburgh horse riders would leave Kelso with the flag, after having heard the Kelso proclamation, and arrive in the centre of Jedburgh at 15:30 hours. The flag would remain in Jedburgh overnight.


Friday 6th September


  • Jedburgh horse riders leave for Southdean at 9am and arrive at the Southdean Auld Kirk at 10:45am
  • After having been read the proclamation by Jedburgh officials, Hawick horse riders leave Southdean with the flag at 11:15am and arrive at Bonchester Bridge at 12:15 hours, Denholm at 13:45 hours, Cavers House at 14:45 hours and Hawick St. Mary’s Church at 15:30 hours
  • The flag will be secured overnight in the Burgh Chambers


Saturday 7th September


  • At 6:30am, Selkirk horse riders will receive the proclamation from Hawick officials and the flag at the top of Wilton Path, then proceed along Princes Street to Dickson Street (the old route to Selkirk) and make their way to Selkirk for 10am
  • At 10:30am, Galashiels horse riders will be read the proclamation by Selkirk officials, collect the flag from Selkirk and arrive at Galashiels Town Centre at 12:30 hours.
  • Thereafter Melrose horse riders will collect the flag from Galashiels at 13:00 hours, after having heard the Galashiels proclamation, arriving in Melrose Square at around 15:00 hours.
  • After having heard the Melrose proclamation, Lauder horse riders will collect the flag from Melrose at 15:30 hours and deliver it to Lauder at 18:00 hours, travelling via Gattonside Heights.
  • The flag remains in Lauder overnight.


Sunday 8th September


  • At 8am, the Lauder proclamation will be read out to the Duns horse riders who will leave for Duns at about 8am
  • Arriving at Duns Market  Square at about 13:30am
  • Duns will read the proclamation to Coldstream riders at about 14:00 hours and the riders will leave for Coldstream, taking in en-route Swinton and the ringing of the Flodden bell, arriving at Coldstream for about 17:00 hours.
  • Open-air Church Service and Concert at 7pm


  1. 4.    Nominated Horse Riders


It was agreed to keep the number of horse riders to six for each town.


It was agreed that it could be possible that other uninvited horse riders would follow the official riders and towns should actively discourage this.


It was agreed that the names of the horse riders need not be known to this project but within each town, and documentation, names of riders would be available.


Rory Stewart confirmed he would coordinate the police involvement.


  1. 5.    Special Flag


It was agreed to have only the current names of towns on the flag


It was agreed that James Bell would seek an image of the flag from ‘Flying Colours’ and issue the image as soon as possible for comment.


It was agreed that the ribbons should be the same length and width and Lawrence Marshall agreed to organise specimens and obtain a quotation


It was agreed that each town would have two ribbons, one to be placed permanently on the flag and one kept in each town.


It was reaffirmed that the Flodden 1513 Club would be paying for the flag and Rory Stewart would arrange for the £250 contribution from Scottish Borders Council.


It was noted that it was still unclear where the flag would be deposited at the end of the ‘Borderers’ Return’, the Coldstream Museum or the Coldstream Parish Church. This would, however, become clearer for the next meeting.


  1. 6.    Each Town Unique Arrangements


It was agreed that each town would make their own arrangements for the venue of flag return, reading of the proclamation and social events.


It was agreed that each town would be very supportive of each other (and see item 9).


It was noted that Flodden 1513 Club officials would be visiting other towns, in support, during 5-8 September.


  1. 7.    Proclamation


It was agreed that the wording of the proclamation was acceptable and appropriate


It was noted that the proclamation (in the form of a scroll) would be given to each town in plenty time but the Coldstream one would be different.


8.   Commemorative Badge


It was agreed that the specimen badge was special and appropriate.


It was agreed that probably persons other than horse riders would receive commemorative badges, depending on the wishes of each town.


It was agreed that the Flodden 1513 Club obtains a price for up to 200 badges.


9.    PR, Publicity and Booklet


It was agreed not to have a booklet or pamphlet for this project and instead rely on:-


  • The media and press;
  • Each town promoting the overall event, and its part in the event


However, it was agreed that the Flodden 1513 Club should provide each town with generic detail of the project and images of the flag and the commemorative badge.


It was agreed that there was some urgency in getting this detail to the towns, especially Hawick, and the Flodden 1513 Club would treat this as a matter of urgency.


It was agreed that Lawrence Marshall would let the Flodden 1513 Club know of the Hawick deadline.


10.  Any Other Competent Business


It was agreed to ask Lord Joicey if the replica sword, dagger and ring held in Ford Castle could somehow be on display in Border towns during the ‘Borderers’ Return from Flodden’ project and Gerald Tait was invited to ask him.


It was noted that the Flodden 1513 Club had written to the Mid-Surrey Golf Club in Richmond, London, to ask if this ‘Royal’ golf club would allow the 1513 Club to erect a small monument to King James IV somewhere on the golf course, it sitting above the ancient Monastery of Sheen. It was also noted that the request had been agreed in principle by the golf club and the Secretary of the Flodden 1513 Club was travelling to Richmond the next day to discuss the details.


It was agreed that the Flodden 1513 Club should involve Peebles in some way in the ‘Borderers’ Return’ project and David Houston agreed to supply a contact address to Gerald Tait.


It was also agreed that the Club should make contact with Langholm, even though Hawick was intending involving them in their commemorations.


It was agreed that every town should ensure it has adequate Public Liability insurance in place.


11.  Date of Next Meeting


29th April 2013 at 7:30pm in the Carter’s Rest, Jedburgh


James Bell closed the meeting by thanking everyone for their enthusiasm for the project and their attendance.



(Post-meeting notes:

  • Lawrence Marshall has indicated that the information in item 9 needed by Hawick had a deadline of 31 March and he has given the Flodden 1513 Club the common riding contact.
  • The Royal Mid-Surrey Golf Club has agreed to erect a monument at the 14th tee of the golf course and the Flodden 1513 club has to commence the design
  • On Thursday 5th September, when at the Flodden monument the Coldstream officials hand the flag to Kelso riders, the Coldstream Parish Minister will be in attendance to say a prayer for a safe journey).