Flodden 1513 Club Constitution

1.     Aims and Objectives of the Club

1.1   The aims and objectives of the Club are to assist in the development of the ‘Flodden’ heritage, resulting from the last medieval battle fought between England and Scotland, on 9 September 1513.

1.2   In furtherance of these aims and objectives the Club shall:-

  •  by laying flowers at the battle site at Branxton, North Northumberland on 9 September, commemorate the Scots dead at the battle;
  • on the Friday following 9 September, hold a commemoration dinner in honour of the fallen at the battle;
  • proactively develop the Flodden heritage in liaison with other groups/individuals having a similar interest;
  • contribute to any educational and heritage initiatives that inform the local community, and visitors to the area, about the Battle of Flodden; and
  • Maintain the Flodden monument at Abbey Road, Coldstream and the Flodden window in the Parish Church.

1.3  The club has a secondary aim of making, wherever possible from the confines of the club funds, charitable donations to local causes.

2     Status and Location     

2.1   The club is a non-profit making body. The income and property of the Club is applied solely towards the promotion of its objects as set forth in this constitution and no portion thereof is paid or transferred directly or indirectly by way of dividend, bonus or otherwise howsoever by way of profit to members of the Club. 

2.2   The Club is located in Coldstream, Berwickshire, Scotland

3.    Membership

3.1   Membership is restricted to 50 voting members, plus 4 voting Life Members, with an interest in the Battle of Flodden but the number of voting members admitted to the club can be altered by an AGM

3.2   Associated membership without voting rights is available to anyone in the world with an interest in the Battle of Flodden. There is a £10 one-off joining fee.

3.3   Membership, whether voting or non voting, is open to anyone irrespective of their race, colour, religion, disability, gender, sexual orientation and the Club encourages equal rights.

3.4   Application for both types of membership is by formal, written application on a prescribed form provided by the Secretary and is dealt with by the management committee

3.5   The Club may maintain a waiting list for persons wishing to join the club. The method of voting new members into the club from the waiting list is at the discretion of the management committee but must have the hallmarks of openness and fairness.

3.6  Members are expected to conduct themselves in an appropriate manner when on Club business and in attending club functions otherwise their membership will be ceased or suspended by the management committee.   

3.7   Members are expected to support club functions and if the committee feels that this is not taking place, a person’s membership can be ceased or they may be placed on the associate membership list. Appropriate written notification of cessation will be given.

4.     Management

4.1  The Club is run by a Chairman, Vice Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer and Management Committee agreed by the AGM, all voted in by the AGM.

4.2   Voting at Management committee meetings, is by a simple majority

4.3  The Management Committee must hold at least four meetings a year when the Secretary gives 7 days notice of the meeting.

5.      Meetings

5.1   The Club shall hold its AGM in October each year, on a date after the Annual Commemoration and Annual Dinner. The AGM is chaired by the Chairman of the Club, in his absence by the Vice Chairman and if the Vice Chairman is unavailable by any other Member agreed at the AGM.

5.2   The Secretary shall inform the voting members of the date, time and venue of the AGM at least 21 days before the date of the meeting. This can be by a means approved by the Management but at the very least is a public advertisement.

5.3   Any voting member shall have a right to make a proposal at the AGM, to alter the Constitution or propose a major change, so long as the voting member informs the Secretary in writing of the proposal, including a seconder for the proposal, 14 days before the AGM. The Secretary shall notify the other voting members of any new proposals by an appropriate means.

5.4  The Chairman of the AGM shall have the power to accept proposals, not previously notified to the Secretary under 5.3 above, if the AGM agrees to deal with any such proposals as competent business.   

5.5 The AGM shall deal with constitutional changes, the financial report, subscriptions, election of office bearers, appointment of auditor, any other matters that may significantly alter the focus of the club and any other competent business.

5.6  Decisions made at the AGM are on the basis of a majority, with the Chairman having a vote, and if required, a casting vote. This casting vote also applies to management committee meetings

5.7   Any voting member has the right to call an EGM by notifying the Secretary in writing, outlining the reasons for the EGM and enclosing the signatures of four other voting members.

5.8   The Secretary will then convene an EGM giving all members 21 days notice in writing.

5.9  No Management Committee Meeting of the club shall be quorate unless there are 5 members of the Committee in attendance. For an AGM, 25% of the voting membership must be in attendance. For an EGM more than 50% of the voting membership must be in attendance.

5.10  All meetings of the club shall adhere to the aims and objectives of the club.

6.   Finance  

6.1   The Club’s financial year is from 1 September to 31 August.

6.2  The AGM shall receive a financial statement from the Treasurer, showing any balance of funds at the start of the year, income and expenditure in the year and the closing balances at the year end. The statement shall be signed and certified by the Auditor appointed for this purpose by the AGM.

6.3  The Treasurer shall present a financial statement to each management committee general meeting of the club

6.4   Annual subscriptions shall be agreed by the AGM.

6.5   Subscriptions are due for payment by 31 March and if not paid by this date the management committee can cease a person’s membership of the Club.

6.6  The Treasurer shall transact the club’s business through a bank account, approved by the AGM, into which all items of income shall be deposited and from which all payments shall be made

6.7   Two office bearers, one always the Treasurer, shall sign cheques

7.   Dissolution

7.1   The club shall only be wound up by an AGM or EGM attended by over 50% of the membership.

7.2   At any such meetings there has to be a majority vote for dissolution

7.3   Any remaining funds in the club, after all expenses have been paid, shall be passed over to any other non-profit making body with a like interest in Flodden and its associated events having objects similar to the objects of the club and which will prohibit the distribution of its or their income and property amongst its or their members to an extent at least as great as that imposed on the club under or by virtue of clause 2.1 hereof

7.4 Failing 7.3, any remaining funds shall be passed over to a suitable non-profit  making organisation in the area which operates, in any shape or form, to help the community.

Chairman: James Bell                

Secretary: Gerald Tait

Dated the 9th September 2007