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A wee bit of Scotland in the heart of Surrey: Flodden 1513 Club to mark James IV's final resting place

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I noticed that in the Independednt article about James IVth it was suggested that the reason why he ended up in Richmond is 'shrouded in mystery...' Surely not. Catherine of Aragon was running the country while HenryVIII was in france. She wanted to send the body to him but was told it would not keep so she sent his coat. Westminster Palace Royal Apartments had burnt down the year before and Whitehall, Hampton Court and St James's Palace had not even been thought of. So London Government would have been at Henry VIIths Richmond Palace which was next door to Shene Priory. James was husband to Henry's sister Margaret, so they would not have just thrown his body in the river. It was common for Royals to be buried in Abbey Churches and Priories, and Shene Priory had lots of connections with Henry VIIIths family.

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